Telecom Site Survey


Telecommunications site surveys for site selections of electric car chargers.


Telecommunications site survey for networked electric car chargers. Required for network and warranty validation process and for future proofed site and networked electric car charger integration. Recommended for first step pre-loading into proposals for multiple electric car charger institutional, public access, workplace and multi-family programs for higher likelihood of program approval and program success at meeting stated organizational goals.

Per program group purchase good for up to 20 electric car charger location surveys at same county level within 1 year. Larger areas require 1 purchase per surveyed county, up to 20 electric car charger surveys per county.

Survey results are an input into initial site selection approval process. Telecom boosters/shielding added if recommended. Sites without sufficient telecommunications characteristics will not be recommended but may receive a remediation proposal for development and future revisit of recommendation.