Solar at Electric Car Charger

Solar at Electric Car Charger

Solar exists here and there. Solar is large scale or minimal. Solar is in tourist areas. Solar is in mountain areas. Sometimes, solar is where you least expect.

The Town of Silver City Visitor Center had solar years ago.

Solar over Electric Car Charger

Solar is sometimes near electric car chargers. The new electric car charger at the Town of Silver City is under the solar already there for years.

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What happens when an electric car charger appears in a rural area, electriccars
  • far from an interstate,
  • far from a city,
  • far from a coast?


electric car charger
Silver City, NM electric car charger
Cars from opposite coasts meet when they pass on opposite routes

National tourism is brought to small, marginal rural areas by machine to machine (electric car charger to electric car) marketing.

Save your favorite rural area today

You can help small rural towns persist, grow and thrive in the face of efficiency progress and technology. Have their government and businesses put in electric car chargers. Ask them to put in electric car chargers. Get a home electric car charger. Ask your employer for a work electric car charger.

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Plug-In hybrid choices grow

Plug-in hybrid choices grow

Choices for family plugin vehicles now include the Kia Niro plug-in hybrid. This an affordable and practical option for your family vehicle.

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Electric truck

Electric truck

Plug in vehicles come in all shapes, sizes and types. There are EV watercraft, motorcycles and even electric trucks.

Prepare for EV trucks


The best way to prepare for EV trucks is for you to install a charging station. You can have us install home or work EV charging station. Your friends, family and clients can use your EV charging station.

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Last century ad

Last century ad

Here’s a so last century ad. See if it helps you act now to buy a plugin vehicle.

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