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Car chargers for home and work

Linograt is an award-winning home and work electric vehicle (EV) charging station sales and energy integration company based in Santa Fe, New Mexico. We sell car chargers.

Car chargers

Our assistance with car chargers includes a variety of experience, training certifications and authorizations.


Consequently, we add value for you.

¤ First, Linograt provides exclusive focus on the entire car charger industry. We provide equipment that works for all plugins.

¤ Next, Linograt works with you for your car charger equipment and service choices. In addition, we can help you carefully select future proofed, backwards compatible car charger and related services. Your choices can best leverage your personal and business car charger goals.

¤ Again, Linograt provides long term, local support to you. The car charger industry changes quickly. Car charger infrastructure is growing fast.

¤ In conclusion, when you shop from Linograt, you help us work with local business and grow the local economy.

Why Linograt for charging stations

Linograt serves an unmet local need for car chargers. Car charger supply substantially lags plugin car charging demand. In addition, we strive to connect people and support car chargers in traditionally under-served areas. Therefore, this helps local areas participate in the greater regional and national economy and trends.

First, home car chargers provide a faster charge than a three prong outlet in a garage or carport. A faster charge at home creates more options for your plugin vehicle. A home car charger provides a benefit to your visiting friends and family with plugin vehicles.

Next, work car chargers can bring in higher income clientele that may stay longer. Work car chargers also provide a work amenity. A modern amenity encourages competitive, modern, informed employees.

Further, commercial, nationally networked car chargers can help hotels, resorts, restaurants, malls, medical locations stand out from their competition. Nationally networked car chargers provide a wealth of modern interactions for both hosts and users.

These networked car charger services include online site, mapping and navigation services and interactive smart device apps with both station and marketing dynamics.

Finally, fast car chargers provide for long distance travel and improved tourism.